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Monica L. Patton


Humans are prewired vessels born into a gendered institution. They are labeled, classified, and socialized through instruction, observation,
and imitation.

'Neo Geisha' is a fictional exploration of Identity. What is it? What constitutes the self, and how does it influence how one communicates and move through the world."


Daniel Klintworth 


"Creating the musical world of 'Neo Geisha' is an exciting challenge because the music must evoke both extreme vulnerability while at the same time bringing us into the dark and sexy world that our heroine inhabits"


Bobby Daye


“Monica created such an edgy sensual world for Neo Geisha and, being writing partners and friends for so long, I knew she’d appreciate a song that evoked espionage and alt-rock. That’s how the song PHASES became a part of this beautiful project. A life that keeps shifting in phases.”


Harvey B. Richards III

Graphic Artist   

"Bullets, disguises, and lies...the spy game just got a little deadlier. I'm thrilled to help build a lavish world featuring a richly complicated African-American character who will undoubtedly enhance the spy thriller genre."


Bryce Charles


"As the muse for 'Neo Geisha,' I am lending my likeness to a complex

 protagonist. People are often so much more than what they seem. This character and her alluring journey are no exception."

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Dr. Yuko Kurahashi

"My role as a literary and cultural coach was to ensure that 'Neo Geisha' compellingly takes the reader to Japanese culture and subculture."


Calvin Sims

Anime, film, and video games are the biggest inspiration for my art. I am passionate about capturing a feeling and mood in my illustrations and hope to bring the same passion to NEO GEISHA.

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