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is an immersive, gripping, scintillating roller-coaster ride that explores the notion of "free will" through the eyes of a young woman systematically fractured to become the perfect killing machine.

Identity. What is it, and how does it influence how one moves through the world? Humans are labeled, classified, and socialized through instruction, observation, and imitation-in other words, Identity is a construct. ​

At its heart, NEO GEISHA is a graphic tale of self-discovery through the harrowing journey of Philomene Doucette, a beautiful made-to-order assassin struggling between her programming and her desire for free will. Philomene is preparing for her biggest mission to date:  Kill Haruto Mori, leader of a deadly Yakuza clan. Unfortunately, her focus is wavering with the awakening of something she hasn't felt in a long time - empathy. 

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