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Identity. What is it, and how does it influence how one moves through the world? Humans are labeled, classified, and socialized through instruction, observation, and imitation-in other words; Identity is a construct. ​

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is a graphic exploration of Identity through the harrowing journey of Philomene Doucette, a beautiful made-to-order assassin struggling between her programming and her desire for free will. Orphaned, brainwashed and systematically fractured from the age of six, This gripping, character-driven roller-coaster ride meets at the intersection of Jason Bourne and Sybil as the pretty killer disassociates between her Six-Year-Old Self the heart, Philomene, the head, and the Monarch Queen, the abyss.

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Now aged twenty-one, it is the eve of Philomene's most important assignment yet: executing Haruto Mori, a deadly Yakuza clan leader, but her focus is wavering with the awakening of something she hasn't felt in a long time - empathy. 



Smuggled into Japan to carry out the kill, she finds herself entangled in a web of half-truths and shadow agendas. Furthermore, her determination to complete the mission becomes compromised by her affection for Haruto and her increasing desire for his ever-present shadow, The Green-Eyed one. When the carnage exacts a personal toll, Philomene takes it all on--like the beautiful monster she was programmed to be.

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